The Secret Component Inside Power Steering Hoses

Get to Know Silencers

  • Power Steering Pumps create fluid pressure in pulses, resulting in fluid flow pressure ripples
  • These ripples are then transmitted through the fluid and create vibration
  • The hose and everything it’s connected to it, becomes a ‘speaker’ that resonates hydraulic system noise
  • The level of vibration and noise varies by application and system
  • Minimizing noise and vibration in many systems is achieved by using a ‘Tuner’ or ‘Silencer’ in the pressure hose
  • The silencer functions as an accumulator to dampen out the fluid pulsations and associated vibrations
  • Some Silencers are placed at the fitting where the metal tube, coming from the pump is connected to the rubber hose
  • Pressure Hoses with intermediate collars are equipped with a double-sided silencer held in place by the collar
  • Over 60% of Pressure Hoses use a silencer to control noise
  • We have found on competitive products, that in some cases, the silencer is missing when the hose is cut open. (You can detect if a hose has a silencer, by gently bending the rubber – if there is a silencer inside that section of hose, it is much more difficult to bend.)