Power Steering Hose Assembly

Sunsong was the first Chinese based manufacturer to produce Power Steering Hose Assemblies. We are utilizing our vertically integrated process of compounding the best raw materials producing rubber hose, steel pipe, fittings and final assembly.
Our Power Steering Hose Assemblies comply with SAE J188 and SAE J189 specifications.

Brake Hose Assembly

Brake Hose Assemblies are one of the company's leading products, including hydraulic brake hose, air brake hose and motorcycle brake hose assemblies.
Our Brake Hose Assemblies comply with SAE J1401, GB1 6897-1997 and GMW3056 specifications.

Transmission / Engine Oil Cooler Assembly

Transmission Oil Cooler and Engine Oil Cooler Assemblies were first developed in 2007 and received quality awards from various governing bodies. Sunsong assemblies are produced to sustain high burst pressure, wide temperature range, dynamic service life time and excellent oil resistance.
Our TOC/EOC assemblies comply with SAE J1532 and GM16171 specifications.

Power Steering Pump and Seal Kit

We carry a wide range of Power Steering Pump rebuild kits.